2004 Events











2004 Events


December, 2004

Christmas & New Year


Greg's commentary coming soon! pictures....


November, 2004

Mum and Dad take New York by storm


It was great to see Mum and Dad when they came to see us in November.  Greg and I had not long been married and it was lovely to be able to celebrate with them not long after.  We had such a lovely time.  Mum and Dad had never visited the U.S. before so it was great to show them around.  We did lot's of touristy things and went to see Stomp the show.  It didn't matter how loud they stomped though as Dad did his famous nodding dog and fell asleep.  We also flew up to Rochester for 3 days and they met most of Greg's friends and family.  All in all it was a fantastic time.  Here are some pictures of their visit.  Unfortunately none of Dad in his pj's, falling asleep before 9:30PM. 
I'm proud of ya Dad....


1st November, 2004

Our Wedding Day

Due to reasons known to our friends and family, no not a shotgun wedding before anyone asks. :) Greg and I had our pre-wedding day on Monday, 1st November, 2004. It was such a lovely sunny day. I still remember Greg waking up and asking me to be his wife and I said "yes" thinking he was joking. I soon realised he wasn't when he asked me what I was going to wear and started pulling things out of the wardrobe. No man pulls women's clothes out the wardrobe unless he is serious.  We had a lovely morning. After the shock of buying two button hole roses for $26!! we went to the Brooklyn City Hall and got married at 3PM. The ceremony was so long at 45 seconds...can you believe it! It was "I do" and "I do" and "I now pronounce you man and wife". Needless to say we are looking forward to a nice big wedding day on July, 31st, 2005 and I hope you can all be there to share our special day.  I have posted a few pictures of the ceremony. I'm surprised our witnesses (we found the couple in the queue at the City Hall) managed to take so many photo's in so little time. Anyway, I would just like to thank my husband for rushing me out of bed that day to get married.  I love you...  Here you go take a look.......


October, 2004

New York so Far

The Fall in New York has been so beautiful. We have also seen the marathon which was great fun.  I don't know how they do it and still smile when we saw the runners 12 miles into the race.  We also visited Central Park and the Natural History Museum.  Greg wanted to catch up with some of his primate friends.......


October, 2004

Julia & Dan - Coney Island

Greg's sister Julia, her husband Dan and daughter Olivia flew down from Buffalo for the weekend.  We visited the New York Aquarium which Olivia loved and went to the beach at Coney Island. Oh and we also ate lots of pizza yyuuummmm.....


October, 2004

Cake Course, New York

I have decided that while I am here in New York and waiting for my work permit to arrive I would try out a cake course.  Two weeks after arriving in Brooklyn I went every Sunday for 3 weeks to the Ice Culinary School in
midtown, NY.  I had great fun and made lots of fantastic cakes.  Anyway, have a look. Some are from the course and some I made at home for Halloween.  I especially enjoyed making the cupcakes which, when I asked Greg what he thought the blue ones were (shark in water) he thought it was mountain peaks.  :)   Back to the drawing board......


September, 2004

Leaving drinks with friends, London

Well, needless to say all of my friends turned out in style to say goodbye in true drunken fashion! We all met at Abbaccus in the City of London and had a fantastic night with lots of champagne and naughty chat. I think the photo's speak for itself!  I would like to thank Mandy for being such a fantastically lovely friend and for taking such brilliants photo's. She has a talent I think although she won't admit it....

Please click on the link to Mandy's website http://www.twompps.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/2004/julesleaving/jules.shtml and you will see the photo's...


September, 2004

Saying Goodbye to London - The New Zealand photographer and the Cockney model

Sarah, my lovely New Zealand friend decided that a good way to remember London was to pretend for the evening that I was her model subject and she was the professional photographer. So, one day Sarah came into work with a beret and strippy top and said tonight's the night!!  We spent an hour getting ready in work and then left with our rum and cokes in a mineral water bottle...class chicks I hear you say! We arrived in Liverpool Street station and I was very embarrassed but funnily enough, as people are in London...no one took any notice and after a few swigs of Rum and Coke I was at her beck and call and posing for England. We had the best time that evening around London. I really had such a laugh and would like to thank Sarah for such a great time.....